Discover the Secret to Crafting Your Own Handpan

  • Learn from an Expert

    Taught by David Beery, who has been building handpans since 2010, this course will guide you through the entire process

  • Unlock Your Creativity

    Get the basic skills and knowledge needed so you can experiment on your own to create your one-of-a-kind handpan drum

  • Save Time and Money

    Tried to figure out the handpan-making process on your own? Get expertise to build a handpan quickly and efficiently

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to How to Build a Handpan!

    • A message from David Beery

  • 2

    Let's Get Started

    • Sinking Shells

  • 3

    Notes & Dimples

    • Shaping Notes

    • Pressing Dimples

  • 4

    Prepping for Burning

    • Prepping for Burning

  • 5

    Bottom Notes

    • Bottom Note Tuning

    • Review

  • 6

    Tuning Your Handpan

    • Intro to Handpan Tuning: Part One

    • Intro to Handpan Tuning: Part Two

  • 7

    Shaping Notes

    • The ABCs of Shaping Notes

  • 8

    Tuning By Ear

    • Rough Tuning Notes

  • 9

    What We've Learned So Far!

    • Review

  • 10

    Tuning Multiple Different Notes

    • Tuning Low A3

    • Tuning C4

    • Tuning High A4

    • Tuning Review

    • Tuning D4

    • Tuning Progress

    • Final Tuning

  • 11

    Final Stages

    • Powder Coating & Gluing

    • Review

    • Tuning Bottom Notes

Your Instructor

David Beery

Meet David Beery - a true music enthusiast with over twenty-five years of professional musical experience. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in percussion from California State University, Long Beach, David's passion for music led him to perform for over a decade with Dr. Michael Carney's professional steel drum band, Pandemonium. Under Dr. Carney's direction, David learned the art of making and tuning steel drums, and later he applied this knowledge to making handpans. David's teaching style is all about promoting music in a fun and inviting way, unlocking each student's unique musical perspective. With his experience as a steel drum and handpan manufacturer, music educator, performer, recording musician, and composer/arranger, David has continued to teach students the joy of learning how to play a variety of musical instruments as well as how to make handpans and steel drums. His diverse background allows him to offer high-quality, motivational, and engaging teaching that inspires his students to create their own unique music.

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